28. 7. 2021

Wellness stays satisfy body and spirit

Meet our wellness stays, which will satisfy not only the body, but also the spirit. They are great for physical, but also psychic relaxation, they will help to the overall relaxation of the organism. If you are suffering from an incurable disease such as psoriasis, symptoms will be alleviated at least. Try the fragrant and whirling baths, enjoy a sauna or a quality massage, experience only pleasant moments. We are looking forward to recommend you such a stay, which will be absolutely perfect and will suit you both on the page of amenities, as well as the number of services.
How about food?
You don't have to worry about being starved, of course. Part of such curative events as wellness stays are breakfast, lunch and dinner, of course in the form of half board or full board. The menu is either Classic or specially adapted for the requirements of some clients. You can, of course, also lose weight and use the menu just for the slender line. Wellness services are very comprehensive and adaptive, so why not try it, surely you will be relieved.