28. 7. 2021

Tame Your hormones

In the period of menopause, hormonal production in the female body is once a large and Chaic storm. This often causes sharp changes in mood swings, insomnia, sweating and hot flushes, gaining weight, skin problems and many other problems. The desire of every woman is to alleviate this storm as far as possible, or even to stop altogether. The wise Mother Nature can help.
Just Listen
Herbs have a price in today's modern age, especially in cases where classical medical treatment brings a lot of side effects, which are often even worse than the problems we came to the doctor. Our product Menox45 is a natural preparation that helps with accompanying manifestations of menopause and will not strain your body with unnecessary chemistry and side effects. Try it with us for 15 days free of charge and be pleasantly surprised by its effects.