28. 7. 2021

Delicious tea to delight your eyes

In the ordinary shop or supermarket, you can buy classic sprinkled drinks or mixtures in a bag. But what we are going to talk about, even though we buy a herbal mixture in sachets, we never know what it really contains. However, when boiling water is pour a small bundle of dried petals, from which we will develop a wonderful natural phenomenon in a moment, it is something else. Not only do you enjoy a quality drink that is beneficial to your body, but your eyes will be amazed at what develops from a small plant ball. Even this short moment will become a beautiful experience for you.
Unique surprises
If you donate a flowering tea to someone, you will surely not believe that it is a product from which a large plant enriched with red or yellow colouring is developed in the kettle. However, as soon as he is satisfied with his own eyes, he gets a double pleasant surprise, which is first manifested when you give him and the second time when he unwraps it. Such a gift has always pleased him, both on the body because of its beneficial effects, and on the soul for its delicious taste.